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Photo Post: Dogs vs. Kitten

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I spotted this kitten clutching onto this tree with all its strength, and I assumed it had just climbed up there for fun and was now stuck. This tree has a very hard bark, and it was clearly very difficult for this kitten to hold on. I was amused by its predicament, and I started snapping some pictures. Then, suddenly, the kitten slipped and fell to the ground. As soon as it hit the ground, two large dogs burst out of the bushes and attacked it. THAT was what sent the kitten up the tree in the first place, I realized. I thought the dogs were going to kill the kitten, and I reached down to the ground to find some rocks to throw at them. I felt a bit weird about that because I was standing on the ramparts of Fort San Pedro in Cebu City, and these bits of crumbling rock were probably four hundred years old and part of Philippine history! In any event, it didn’t matter. The kitten did what all kittens do – it arched its back and hissed and swatted with its claws. To my amazement, it kept the two dogs at bay and then it made a dash for safety. It made it underneath a truck and hid there. The two dogs chased it, but they were too big to get under the truck.


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