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Two More Film Festivals in Taipei this Summer

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World Cinema Highlights Film Festival

World Cinema Highlights Film Festival

For those movie-lovers keeping track and chomping at the bit for more, there are two more film festivals on the horizon for Taipei.

The first is being put on by CatchPlay Classics and runs from May 25th to June 15th. I believe it is called World Cinema Highlights, and they are showing 23 official selections from famous film festivals around the world including Cannes, Berlinale, Venice, and Toronto among others. You can check out all the information at their website heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere. Here’s a list of the films:


Salmon Fishing in Yemen          The Ages of Love          All Good Things          The Beaver          Arirang          Ha Ha Ha          Even the Rain          The Burning Plain          The Company Men          Sarah’s Key          Triage          The Bang Bang Club          Solitary Man          The Round-Up          The Tree          Lily Sometimes          Bedevilled          The Messenger          Barney’s Version          The Tempest          Winter’s Bone          Catfish          The Disappearance of Alice Creed

There seem to be a variety of ways that you can tickets. You can get them through the iBon machines at any 7-11 and online at books.tickets.com.tw

There are also seems to be some kind of package deal if you buy a set of tickets in advance. I can’t make out the details, though, and I have no idea what individual tickets cost. (Isn’t this the most informative blog post ever?) There is a full program available at various places around Taipei. If you know me and bring me a treat, I can probably pick one up for you.

If this hasn’t convinced you to quit your job and just go to a lot of movies, then consider the next film festival. Starting on June 29th and running to July 21st, Taipei welcomes (wait for it) the 2012 Taipei Film Festival. You can check out their full schedule and all the information you might need at their website right heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere.

There are far too many films in this festival to list (200 of them actually). One interesting note is that some of the films are being screened at Zhongshan Hall. I’ve been to a few concerts there and it has become my favorite venue in Taipei. It’s just a couple of minutes from the Ximen MRT station. I don’t know what kind of equipment they have for showing movies, but it should be interesting to find out.

So, that’s it. If you have even a grain of sense, you’ll all quit your jobs and become a film-festival junkie like me. As Marc Maron would say, “Do it!”


"The Golden Child" at the Spot Taipei Film House
"The Moonlight in Jilin" at the Spot Taipei Film House

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  • Neighbor says:

    It is a pity that the organizers have not run for an election campaign for spokesperson of the film festivals. Otherwise, I will absolutely vote for you! But nomatter what, There is no way for the little potato like me to quit the job and follow a crazy movie-lover’s steps. But a little more suggestion might be helpful. For example, which one or two films will you highly recommand it/them?

  • Doug Nienhuis says:

    Well, I can’t quit my job and just go to movies all summer long either. I’d sure like to, though. I was just in a very good mood when I wrote this little post. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a few dozen movies in all kinds of great film festivals in Taipei over the last six months or so. I was therefore quite surprised to see two more major film festivals in the works.

    As for recommending a movie or two, I’ll have to think about that a bit and go over the program some more. Almost all of the movies in the World Cinema Highlights festival look interesting to me. Of course, it does depend on personal taste to a large extent.

    I’ve actually seen Winter’s Bone already, and I thought it was a fantastic movie. It was very well-done. But friends of mine didn’t like it at all, saying it was too slow. But that’s what I like. I love an atmospheric, confident kind of film with strong believable characters.

    I’ve heard great things about “Barney’s Version.” Of course, I could be biased. I’m Canadian, and it is based on a novel by the Canadian writer Mordecai Richler. It also stars Paul Giamatti, and he is one of my favorite actors. He’s an exceptional character actor.

    “Solitary Man” starring Michael Douglas looks good. When he’s on his game, no one can play a character like Michael Douglas. People are saying that “Solitary Man” is not as good as “Wonder Boys”, but the fact that they are even mentioning “Wonder Boys” while reviewing it is a good sign.

    I’ll probably make a point of seeing “The Disappearance of Alice Creed” as well. It’s an independent film out of Britain. It’s a thriller but with the qualities of a stage play as far as I can make out. Some of my favorite movies were based on plays.

    “Even the Rain” really appeals to me. I’m a sucker for films set in South America and I love movies about making movies. One of my dreams is to someday visit Bolivia, and this movie will take me there for far less than the price of a plane ticket.

    I’m listing too many movies here, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t also give a nod to “The Messenger” starring one of the most surprising actors of our times – Woody Harrelson. Who would have thought that the dimwitted bartender from Cheers would go on to be such a strong and intriguing actor with so many great roles. I’ll even watch a bad movie if Woody Harrelson is in it just to see him do his thing.

    Those are my picks from the World Cinema Highlights festival. I’ll check out the listings for the 2012 Taipei Film Festival a bit later.

  • Neighbor says:

    Sure, I understand indeed. Just kidding.
    Thanks so much for your warm and wonderful recommadation.
    Yes, they all seem much interesting following your introduction.
    I had better move fast to check my schedule and I will name you as the best spokesperson of the film festival in Taiwan in person.

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