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A Rant on Personal Space and Walking in Public Areas

August 21, 2014 – 8:50 am
A historical monument in Cebu City.

Thursday August 21, 2014
6:10 a.m.
Not much on my mind this morning. I already wrote about my trip out to the zoo. One thing I didn’t mention is that there was a distinct difference in atmosphere out there as opposed to here in the downtown area. I wasn’t far away. It was really hard cycling because of the steep hills, but I rode only about nine …

Photo Walkabout and Karaoke Horror

October 21, 2013 – 10:18 am
Young Girl in Legaspi

It’s 6:30 p.m., an unusual time for me to fire up the NEO, but I have been ambushed by the horror of the Philippines once more: karaoke. I don’t know how people in this country can live like this. I find the tension is like living on top of an armed nuclear weapon. You never know when the darn thing will go off. It can …

Hostel Bathrooom & Cagsawa Ruins – Legazpi

April 4, 2013 – 10:24 am

Thursday April 4, 2013
6:30 a.m. Mayon Backpackers Hostel, Legazpi
Yesterday, I uploaded a large part of my journal plus some pictures at an Internet café near the hostel, and it worked out fairly well. I am using an AlphaSmart Neo still and in order to download the contents, I have to attach it to a computer with a USB cable. That turns the NEO into an …

QuickPAD Pro Word Processor vs. Alphasmart NEO

November 12, 2011 – 11:06 am

I spent a long time in the past looking for a lightweight and portable word processor that ran on normal batteries. I eventually found the Alphasmart NEO, and I purchased one. It is perfect for me except for one thing – it doesn’t have a memory card slot. I love my NEO, but every time I use it, I find myself yearning for that memory …

Palawan Bike Trip 003

March 9, 2008 – 8:28 am
GT Bike on Palawan_opt

Sunday, March 9, Puerto Princesa
I don’t think every woman that works at this hotel knows my name. However, I’m pretty sure they all know me by reputation. I’m the guy who flooded room 9.
I came back at the end of the day yesterday to find everyone smiling at me and laughing. I asked for the key to room 9 and this provoked more smiles and …

Cambodia 007 – Leaving Phnom Penh

February 18, 2007 – 7:42 pm
Bullocks in Cambodia_opt

Sunday, February 18, 2007 Cambodia
I’ve skipped ahead a few days because I got on the bike and started cycling. It has only been two days, but it feels like much longer. They have been difficult days in some ways, and I haven’t had the time or energy to write about them.
To get the whole story, I’m going to go back in time to where I …

Cambodia 002 – Phnom Penh

February 11, 2007 – 7:25 pm
Bullocks in Cambodia_opt

Sunday February 11 2:20 p.m. (coffee shop at a gas station)
After all that planning, I forgot to put on any sunscreen and forgot to bring it with me. So I’m burned. I don’t know how badly yet, but my forearms are pretty toasty and red. I was wearing long pants, so at least I didn’t burn my legs. I think they would have gotten even …