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Street Pool In Legazpi Philippines

Submitted by on April 6, 2013 – 2:04 pm
Street Pool In Legazpi Philippines

Meet the local street version of pool in Legazpi, Philippines. It’s an ingenious set-up. Instead of balls, this game uses round plastic disks with one larger disk as the “cue ball”. The disks are numbered just like in regular pool. The object of the game is the same, too. You hit the large disk with the pool cue and try to knock the smaller disks into the holes in the corner. The twist, though, is that you also play cards while you play pool. This part, I couldn’t figure out. After a few shots of pool, the players would play a round of cards and somehow the hand of cards dictated the next set of pool shots. And at the end, your hand of cards factored into a points total. No idea how it all worked. The great thing is that this pool table is sitting on a swivel. The players don’t have to move around the table to take the next shot. They simply spin the table. The father of the boy in the yellow shirt built the table. I doubt very much that this is the only one in existence, but that is what they claimed. They said that his father made only this one table. My guess is that this game is played all over the Philippines and I will see many more tables like this one.

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