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Revisiting my Childhood at the KL Butterfly Park (Part 2)

Submitted by on February 14, 2019 – 7:07 pm
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In Part 2, I dive back in to the heat of the Butterfly Park armed with a telephoto macros lens. My mission was to capture some close-up video of some of the dozens of species of butterfly fluttering around. In this, I was only partially successful. I blame it on the camera as it falls apart and refuses to either autofocus or even manual focus. It stubbornly just refuses to focus in any way. (But the camera would probably blame me and my lack of skill and knowledge..We are likely both right.) Even so, I managed to capture a few fleeting moments of a butterfly here and there slurping up nectar, gulping honey solution, and guzzling pineapple juice with its long and darting proboscis. After my macro tour of the park, I retreated to the air conditioned comfort of the education center and took in the rather good display of mounted insects from around the world.

Revisiting My Childhood at the KL Butterfly Park (Part 1)
Turtle-Warp Speed on the KL Monorail - EXPERIENCE KUALA LUMPUR FROM ABOVE!

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