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JOURNAL: Dream Psychology and the Ulanzi V2 GoPro Cage

July 30, 2019 – 9:22 pm
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Tuesday, July 30, 2019
8:00 a.m. Room 4, Natalia Guest House
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Look at that time! Eight in the morning. I finally did it. I manged to get some sleep last night, and I feel so much better this morning. I’m not sure why I slept better, but it was definitely partially because Natalia brought in a brand new set of pillows, and Room 4 got …

JOURNAL: Hmm. Maybe It’s Time to Buy a Smartphone.

July 29, 2019 – 8:36 pm
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Monday, July 29, 2019
4:30 a.m. Room 4, Natalia Guest House
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I was hoping to get a great night of sleep at my new guest house and then wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy. But that hasn’t happened. I was so tired yesterday that I hardly did anything. Simply moving from The Grocer’s Inn to this guest house was my biggest accomplishment. And …

JOURNAL: Best Mode of Transportation In Myanmar?

July 27, 2019 – 7:50 pm
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Saturday July 27, 2019
7:15 a.m. Room 2, Grocer’s Inn
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is my last day and night at the Grocer’s Inn. I’m finally moving back to my regular hostel to be reunited with my bicycle and all my gear. That signals the end of my arrival in Kuala Lumpur and the beginning of getting serious about returning to Myanmar.
I wrote a lot yesterday about the …

JOURNAL: YouTube Comments, Guidebooks, & Myanmar Videos

July 26, 2019 – 8:54 pm
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Friday, July 26, 2019
4:30 a.m. Room 2, Grocer’s Inn
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I wore myself out yesterday because I spent so much time on the computer working on my blog, on videos for YouTube, and on reading about Myanmar. By 7 at night, I was a wreck. I had a terrible headache and my eyes were burning. It’s not healthy to spend so much time staring at …

JOURNAL: Learning About Myanmar

July 25, 2019 – 7:56 pm
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Thursday, July 25, 2019
7:30 a.m. Room 2, Grocer’s Inn
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
As always, things are going much more slowly than I planned – especially regarding finishing up the YouTube videos from my final days in Myanmar. I thought I would stay in the Grocer’s Inn for three days and then move back to my usual hostel where my bicycle and other gear is in storage. But …

JOURNAL: Flight from Mandalay to Kuala Lumpur

July 24, 2019 – 6:01 pm
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Wednesday, July 24, 2019
5:45 a.m. Room 2, Grocer’s Inn
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I’ve been back in Malaysia for a few days now. I flew here from Mandalay, Myanmar, by way of Bangkok. When I booked that flight, I was thinking that I would come back to Kuala Lumpur, reunite with my bicycle, go for a ride around Malaysia, and then move on to new pastures – perhaps …

VIDEO: Mandalay to Kuala Lumpur on AirAsia – A Short But Also LOOONG Journey

July 12, 2019 – 9:17 am
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With my visa for Myanmar soon expiring, I had booked a flight from Mandalay back to Kuala Lumpur, a city which has served as my base for a while. There were no direct flights, so I booked a flight with a 2-hour stopover at the (dreaded) Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok.
In a rare stroke of luck, I found a flight that did not depart at …

VIDEO: Bustling Life Along the Irrawaddy – A WALK BESIDE MYANMAR’S LONGEST RIVER

July 11, 2019 – 5:22 pm
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One of my favorite activities is simply to walk around and watch how people work and live their lives in other countries. I would normally take pictures on these walkabouts, but I used my GoPro this time and shot video instead.
And my favorite place for these walkabouts is anywhere near water – along an ocean, around a lake, or, as in this case, beside a …