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Cambodia 001 – Taipei to Phnom Penh

February 10, 2007 – 7:21 pm
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6:13 a.m. Saturday February 10 (On the airport bus)
So far, things have been going as well as can be expected. I’m on the airport bus and my bicycle is somewhat safely stowed underneath. I was worried of course that I wouldn’t be able to put my bike on the bus, but in the end, the bus pulled up, the luggage door opened on the side …

Cambodia 002 – Phnom Penh

February 11, 2007 – 7:25 pm
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Sunday February 11 2:20 p.m. (coffee shop at a gas station)
After all that planning, I forgot to put on any sunscreen and forgot to bring it with me. So I’m burned. I don’t know how badly yet, but my forearms are pretty toasty and red. I was wearing long pants, so at least I didn’t burn my legs. I think they would have gotten even …

Cambodia 003 – The Killing Fields

February 13, 2007 – 7:30 pm
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Tuesday, February 13, 8:00 a.m. Phnom Penh
I’ve gone for the western experience this morning. I think I needed it. So instead of a local place, I went to the Garden Center Cafe that I think I mentioned before. I went looking for it yesterday as well, but it turns out it was closed on Monday. Anyway, I’m not really awake yet this morning, so I …

Cambodia 004 – Phnom Penh’s Backpacker Areas

February 14, 2007 – 7:33 pm
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February 14, Wednesday, 2007 Phnom Penh
So far I haven’t found a convenient and comfortable place to sit with my NEO. This morning, all I could think of was this coffee shop attached to a gas station variety store. It’s comfortable enough, but there aren’t enough tables to make it convenient. I feel like I can’t stay that long. I was also sitting at a table …

Cambodia 005 – Sick in Phnom Penh

February 15, 2007 – 7:37 pm
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February 15, Thursday, 2007 9:37 a.m.
I had dinner last night back at the same restaurant. Fried rice. I didn’t dare try anything more exotic than that. I was sick all last night and this morning, and so I’m a bit depressed. Stomach cramps really get me down these days, even worse than before. I’ve got the regular stomach cramps and this other strange pain that …

Cambodia 006 – Cafes in Phnom Penh

February 16, 2007 – 7:39 pm
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February 16, Friday, 8:30 a.m.
Location: Java Cafe on Sihanouk Boulevard
Mission: Breakfast and coffee
I seem to have been on a mission the last couple of days to check out some of the more comfortable and foreigner-friendly areas. It’s been a rather pleasant surprise. There are a lot of these places and there is quite a range in their style. The Freebird Bar and Grill where I …

Cambodia 007 – Leaving Phnom Penh

February 18, 2007 – 7:42 pm
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Sunday, February 18, 2007 Cambodia
I’ve skipped ahead a few days because I got on the bike and started cycling. It has only been two days, but it feels like much longer. They have been difficult days in some ways, and I haven’t had the time or energy to write about them.
To get the whole story, I’m going to go back in time to where I …

Cambodia 008 – To Takeo

February 19, 2007 – 7:44 pm
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February 19, Monday, 2007, Kampong Trach
Once more I have to go back in time again to catch up with my story. I had decided to leave Phnom Penh by riding my bike in a loop to the south coast and then back to Phnom Penh. I could have gone in either direction on the loop. I could have gone down National Highway 4 directly to …